tirsdag 19. juli 2011

First day at UNI etc.

Well, since last we spoke (If i can call it that) I've gone hiking, bought some more crap (a Australian simcard and such), enrolled in my classes, been at uni, been out partying, and met quite a few new people. One of them hit me as kinda weird from the very beginning. The first thing he said to me was his name, followed by "and I'm a virgin" and then "I have no idea why I said that" Well neither did I, I was utterly clueless.

Anyhow, moving on, I also met some really great mates I went hiking with on Mt.Keira. It took us about hmm a total of four hours give or take, including the BBQ at the top. The way up was steep as hell, and frankly a rainforest.

Some places were so steep you had to climb like a monkey!

Me and Nora at the summit lookout point.

We also checked out the beach/ocean located about five minutes from our accomodations

Nice beach for a run, its also about the same lenght in the opposite direction I guess.
Quite vast.

And one of the big happenings this week was the infamous Disney party, dress up as your favourite Disney character, and go balls out.
So, this is Mrs.Incredible (one of my roomies),  Friar Tuck, Lilo, and some random Fairy

I choose Friar Tuck simply beacuse it was cheap, like 21$, and I could wear whatever under the costume , cause it can get quite cold here in the evening.

The first day at Uni was simply an orientation day, nothing special, got free lunch though, so that is quite nice. And they had some lectures on the fauna and stuff in Australia, what animals to look out for, how to behave while you are in the water surfing/swimming etc. Quite enlightening.

 They had brought with them some of the wildlife to campus.

 These strange birds is kinda like the local pidgeons I guess.
They weren't especially afraid of humans.
This is a statue to commemerate the "Evil Duck" Apparently there was especially one mean duck that came up and stole food from students. They're actually so accustomed to it, so if someone drops a heap of bread on the lawn, they eyeball it for a long time before dare to venture close.

So, just to close it off for now, here are some pictures from Campus East (my accomodation), nearby nature and other goodies.

 Campus East
 Campus East
 Mt. Keira a tad to the left
I'm in heaven!

Oh yeah, guss I should mention that on Uni campus they have a bar, game room, duck pond and some really nice grounds, similar to the grounds from Campus East. Oh, one thing that baffled me a bit, was the amount of Americans here. At the orientation, they listed all the nationalities attending, and they had to stand up. Well 80-90% were Americans, hell, if I wanted to meet Americans I would've applied for a Uni in the US. Alright, I guess that is it for now. Again, it's time for more beer, looking forward to the classes already, maybe I'll get some time off then, from all this partying and other stuff :p

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