torsdag 14. juli 2011

The first few days

Alright lets see if I actually can be arsed to keep this updated. Anyhow, this was after a wish from one of my classmates so I hope this will make her happy!

Anyhow, where to begin?
The flight down was 27 hours of traveling, it was pretty ok, entertainment system on the plane, saw a few movies, read some and slept. Had to go through three security checks in total though, one for each terminal, I mean, wth am I supposed to manage to pick up while walking from one gate to another.

It went without a hitch, except they had to check out the Camelback waterbottle I brought though, it looks like a pipebomb or something I guess on the x-ray.

Upon arrival I got picked up by someone driving for the university, so they drove me all the way from Sydney to campus in Wollongong. Got my linen, keys and such and got shown my room. On the way there however, the dude giving me the tour said: "Alright, so this is the slums, this is where you live" All I could think was, well, it really looks it part.

This however is the sight that greeted me when I got to my room. Well, minus all the stuff (I thought I had a before picture)

Anyhow, it was dark, windy and freezing and I thought, what have I gotten myself into. It's winter here in Australia now, so it's like 14degrees outside, or more in the sun ofcourse, but the rooms are freezing.

Anyhow, after this I just went around exploring and check stuff out. When I got back to the reception where I got picked up to begin with, I met four Norwegian girls who had just arrived, and so happens they where all from Trondheim, or studied there at least.

After some more stumbling around we all ended up at some peeps from Australia and talked garbage for some hours, and we got invited to a party the next day, so all in all a good first day, all that remained was to go back to bed in fetal position and try to keep warm.

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