torsdag 14. juli 2011

The first few days continued

Day number two.

We (me and the four girls) went downtown Wollongong to get hangers, blankets, toothpaste, shampoo etc etc. And that was about it, we were supposed to leave for the party at 2pm, so we didn't have that much time.

Well, we met up with the peeps that were going to take us to the party and headed for the trainstation. About 45 minutes on the trained and we arrived, at the before party. Here we were just shown out to the terrace and seated. A few mins laters, the dude arranging the party comes out with a few sixpacks and just hands out. Then he proceeds to get crackers, cheese, chips etc. And we were like 15 people, getting free booze. An hour later or so though, five more people arrive, and by then his parents had ordered pizzas for us. One huge stack from Pizza Hut! So far, free booze and free food, awesome! By then I was getting kinda chilly, so we went inside.

Oh, did I mention he had a pool table and a foosball table?
Anyhow, we where going to a club in Sydney called Scary Canary, and this dude he knew the owner or something, so we got free entrance, and a free drink.

What we didn't know though, or at least I didn't was the the douches from the British version of Jersey Shore was coming down there so MTV was there filming and stuff. A side effect of this however that was quite pleasant was the Wet t-shirt competition. Apparently this one girl was hell-bent on winning, so she stripped down to her undies, no need to say, she won, titties yeah!

So far nightlife Australia  > nightlife Norway

Yeah, check that out, creepy.

We were supposed to leave at 0030, cause that's when the last train was going home, but we goofed around and missed the last one. So we stumbled upon the rest of the group on the trainstation and we all headed back to where we were at the before party, and crashed there.

 On they way home, waiting for the train to depart.

We were like 18 people, I shit you not, and his parents had put out sleeping bags etc. So we crammed together on sofas, beds, on the floor etc. But, I shared room with a dude, whos last words before going to sleep was: "I can't wait to get my snore on"

It was worse then a sawmill, I could not sleep for shit. So at 0600 the fater in the house wakes up and comes into the kitchen/livingroom to make breakfast. And Im like, morning mate!
So he asks if I want to have, toast, tea, and freshly pressed orange juice from their homegrown (they own a farm) oranges. So we sit around eating and talking for a while and I asked him for the names of the trainstops I should jump off at to get back to campus. And he offers to drive me down to the trainstation, and of course I take him up on that. When we get down there, get his, he asks me if I got money for the train, I just met this guy a couple of hours ealier. ANyhow, I had money, so I got back at 0900, went to bed, slept until 1600, dinner went back to my room, watched movies and went to sleep.

Hospitality Australia > hospitality Norway

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  2. Nice of you to not sleep so that the others could:-)
    Good to hear from you John, keep having fun and keep reporting.