søndag 4. september 2011

Birthday etc

Well, not much has happened since last time really, a shopping trip to Sydney. Was just browsing and stuff, found a cool camelbak in the wrong color though, so have to get back later on for that. Also contemplated buying a boomerang, also have go get back to that. What I did buy however was a two pair of pants. I didnt really look at the price until I got to the register. Well basically it ended up with me getting added to the VIP list in the store, and I got this 100$ worth of stuffed Rhino as a bonus. He looks awesome though!

My birthday kinda sucked, I went Uni 1030, and found out that the assignment I thought was due on Monday was actually due that night. So I was in for a treat. So I took up my computer and saw that I had forgotten my converter, so no more battery after 1.5hours. No battery equals no work. Then my phonebattery died too. I went and had a beer at Unibar and chilled out, to get my spirits up!
Anyhow, when I return back home to campus, I sit my ass down and do this assignment. After a while I get a phone call "Hi, John, can you come over here for a minute?" I guess I kinda knew what was going on, but, it was damn nice anyhow :)

They all sang in Norwegian to me! (gratulerer med da'n)

And I mean, what is more awesome/fierce that a Hannah Monthanna for a stout viking from the North.

I even got presents!

All in all a good night, even though I still had to return and to the assignment.

Regarding school again then, the shit is really hitting the fan now. I got so much work to do I dont know where to begin, or how, Im at a loss. A 2500 word research paper on security policies. WTH is a research paper? :p And other stuff too, obviously. Guess I have to prioritize doing homework instead of drinking beer and going to the beach. However, the message below, we got from one of our profs after week2 of Uni.

The professor is fucking awesome!

Well I guess that's it for now. I planning to go to New Zealand during "spring break" and that's in three weeks time. So if anything interesting is happening before that I'll throw in another update. Really looking forward going to New Zealand though, gonna visit The Shire etc! Anyhow, night, gonna have to go to Uni tomorrow so I can get some work done. Laters!