tirsdag 4. oktober 2011

Recess, Surfing, New Zealand

 So yeah, sorry for the long wait, but it hasn't really happened that much. But now, we've had a recess and some days with good weather etc, so stuff get done. Specifically, what I did was going to New Zealand, but we'll get to that later on. First out is the picture below of me in the all so sexy wetsuit. Ladies.. control yourselves! (I suck at surfing btw.)

Ahhh yeah!
 Land a hoy!

Anyhow, we also went to a fair one weekend and I found this awesome gadget aka a sixtant, but
it was like ehr.. 350$, or 450$ a bit too expensive. but none the less really cool!

During the first day of the recess me and some friends rented a car and went to New Castle a three hour drive something from Wollongong. We just stayed there for one night, but it was worth it, beautiful nature, and a cool town! Below is some of the stuff we saw.

 Of course, since we are hardcore tourists we risk life and limbs to see cool stuff, so here goes!

 The causeway out to some sort of contraption.

 The lighthouse in New Castle seen from the causeway

 The lighthouse seen from the beach

The beach, or at least a part of it.

The beach was quite nice, to bad it was too cold to go for a swim.

The waves hit pretty hard out at the end of the causeway!

Again, the lighthouse seen from far far away.

 We found some secluded really beautiful and dangerous places, but, worth it!

 Me and my partners in crime! Oh and thanks to Reto for taking the picture!

 Be careful!

 The view was quite nice!

What is that?

Chilling out at the beach, eating lunch, that is, cookies!

What's a trip without the mandatory pose picture?

Oh yeah, we also stumbled upon a old radars tation/gun emplacement. Looks inviting?
Enter for pain, think I'll pass. Quite creepy, and it was pretty much pitch black in there.
Hah, found this book in the bookshelf at the hostel. Quite random to find a Norwegian book on the other side of the world!
I also got to drive on the left side of the road for some minutes. Everything went better than expected until I was gonna park. Too close to the curb, scratched the rims :p It was an automatic so didn't really need to worry about shifting gear. But, the wipers and blinkers is opposite to what they are back home,so at a junction I'm trying to signal I want to go left, well, what happens? I turn on the windshield wipers, feel like a proper smart ass xD

So this brings us to New Zealand, this was the first that met me when I landed. Some art from the native people of NZ the Mäori people.

Below is some random photos from NZ, it's quite beautiful there!

 A lot of the beaches along the east coast are all black because of some mineral in the earth. Quite cool, and quite hot during a nice summers day! Scolding hot in fact.


 Screw Area 51 or Roswell, the aliens are in NZ!

I wish I could go out for a walk on the skies :)

 Sydney from the air.
 New Zealand was beautiful and I would encourage everyone to go there. But stay for more than 4-5 days. There is so much to see, I only stayed in one town, but traveled around a bit in the nearby area. The nature is like the Scottish highland some places, or like back home in Norway. Or quite Lord of the Ringsish! I was supposed to go and see The Shire, but since they are starting the filming of The Hobbit there this week or something along those lines, everything was booked, so no luck :\

 I finally caved in and bought a new Ipod, that is, I managed to destroy my old one. So I had to get a new one. So I got a Ipod Touch and installed running apps and whatnot. As you can see, that worked out very well. According to this, we spent 46 minutes running in "circles" on the lawn outside campus East. Instead of actually running the 6-7km to another beach and back again. Guess I have to give it another go and see if the GPS will behave properly.

So yeah, that is it for now. Further on, basically, it's just exams and stuff. But I will try to get my scuba license still. Hope it turns out alright. I guess that's it for now, can't really say I got anything else to write about. It's only like 6-7 weeks left of my stay here, It's going to be good to get home, but I would so much have like to stay here over new year, new years eve at Sydney is supposed to be fucking awesome! But, return ticket already booked, starting to run low on cash, might get a job, etc.
Anyhow, have to go to uni early tomorrow, night!