søndag 7. august 2011

First weeks at UNI

Sorry for the long wait between the updates, but there has been so much going on down here. The workload at UNI her is horrendous, that is, since I haven't done all the pre-reqs, I have some prework that needs to be done before eash assignment basically. Luckily thought the subject are really interesting and the professors in two of the classes are awesome! Sadly though, two of the other professors, not so much. They're from Asia somewhere so their English is pretty bad :p

Anyhow, as a true student, we dont get any work done until the last possible minute, so here's what we have been doing instead of studying!

I guess this is the mandatory picture when you're in Sydney.

A park in Sydney quite nice!

 Harbour Bridge

 The Sydney skyline as seen from the Opera

Apparently Batman and his followers lives in a Botanical garden close to the Opera

 Winter in Australia is awesome!
 Just a normal Saturday at campus east, beer and BBQ 1min away from the beach.

Having fun at the playground

We also had an open mic evening, and Casandra here played three pieces, it was awesome!

 This is from last night, Sydney Pub Crawl, got four outta four pubs! 

So the last two weeks has pretty much been a timesink for the stuff above, and of course
some new and old tv-shows has demanded some attention. Warehouse 13 is back on, awesome! I also Started watching a show called Combat Hospital, it's about a  surgical hospital in Iraq or something it's is not a modern version of MASH though, this is a drama and not a comedy. However it's quite entertaining.

Anyhow the largest timesink so far I guess have been:
1016 pages of epicness!

Anyhow, can't really tell when I'm gonna update again, I got to study hard the following weeks. I already got three assignments of varying size. The worst is however one due in one week. Which is I'm actually running in the background now. It's in System Administration, which so far has been Operativsytemer/Datateknikk med fyskk light, but the assignments have nothing to do with the lectures. The first assignment is as follows:

Install FreeBSD
Install Apache and MySQL
Install Nagios (Monitoring tool)
Configure all this so if something happens you'll get an email and an sms
And all the services you monitor, is also gonna be available on a website where you can check the status.

Happy times!

The two other subject though are quite ok so far.
In Introduction to enterprise computing, we're going to make a java application which talks with a JPA database. Where you create, update, delete cars etc in a register.

And in Information and Communications Security we've to write a research paper, regarding some
computer security issues.

I guess that is it for now, dinnertime! I mean, studytime....

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