søndag 9. oktober 2016



 So yeah, I've been slacking of majorly on the update front...
I got back, life happened, also, lazy. In Rio I really didn't do that much, saw a concrete cathedral, went to see Christ the Redeemer, but the weather was shitty so they kinda wouldn't sell me any tickets. Went on a free hike through a pacified favela instead and saw the statue from a height there in stead :) What can I say, lots of beautiful women at the beaches, shit ton of people, warm, sand, dirty, trash, the usual. Anyhow, good times :) 

This was on the pavement, not close to anything that kinda would explian how/why it was here, I dunno :p

Famous beach/walkway

We went to the local fortress, lots of big guns etc.

Looked quite complicated to calculate trajectories etc for cannons/artillery

A huge concrete cathedral, quite cool actually!

The favela where MJ filmed They Don't Care About Us

The view from the favela, and yeah, the general conditions here are bad.

JC himself!

 Video from the viewpoint, Rio is a huge city.

 At the hostel I've stayed at they have a retro hifiwall with record players and pimp lights, quite cool and unique :) 

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