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Fiji, Bali, and Kuala Lumpur


 So after leaving Australia I headed to Fiji for some island hopping, I spent 8 nights in Fiji, two on the mainland and six out on the islands.

 This is from the first night, here we are drinking Kava, a root mixed with water, it tastes like dirt basically and numbs your mouth. It's a mild anesthetics and exported for medical uses. So basically, in Fiji I did nothing, just chilled out, for the first few days I didn't even have my luggage because they shipped it to the wrong resort, I have partial blame in that, but, still. Oh, and on day two I got earache which lasted basically until I got to Kuala Lumpur a week later and saw a doctor. Nothing like an earache to ruin a nice vacation, which also made me unable to do any scuba diving in Fiji :(

 The map over the islands and resorts I visited.

 This is basically how all the resorts and islands looked, like, well, some looked better than others, this was a low tier place. But still quite beautiful!

 This was my second place to stay.

 The rest of my trip in Fiji can be summed up with this picture.

 Fiji has some nice scenery

The jog of this guy was to act as a warrior every time the main boat came and dropped/picked people up!



After Fiji, I flew to Bali for a few days, I planned on doing a lot of scuba diving here as well, but still wasn't entirely ok, had water in my ear so I couldn't hear properly.  Anyhow, kept using the antibiotics I had and hoped for the best. I ended up staying at the same hostel for five-six days and doing nothing else than exploring the local area and chatting with people at the hostel. Went to the beach, ate cheap food, we could eat breakfast, lunch, dinner for about a total of 6$ if you wanted.
This was how they sold gas for scooters.

 Some nice details here and there

Yeah, found some fancy sodas as well, it tasted just as it looked, toxic!

 We went to the monkey forest where people can walk around and feed the monkeys.

 I bent down to videotape some of the monkeys when this crafty fellow jumped on my backpack and tried to open the zipper in search for food.

 After the monkey forest we went to a bar where I ordered this concoction, lime, mint something thingy, quite good!
The only picture I got from the hostel Big Pineapple backpackers, this is the common area where we sat in the evenings playing cards and drinking beer!

Kuala Lumpur

This is one of the coolest cities I've been to, and I would recommend anyone I know to go here! I went here earlier than anticipated because of a bad weather forecast in Bali. In KL, I chilled and explored the city and the surrounding areas, also met up with a girl I met in Bali at the hostel and we spent the day together exploring, quite nice!
 Chinese new year decorations inside one of the malls, I've never seen as huge malls anywhere as they have in KL.

And here comes the mandatory shots from Kuala Lumpur.

Found this poster in a store at the marked, found it funny since I've been teaching people to play a card game called Mao, which us quite frustrating and hilarious!

 From the local food court.

 Cheap labour, this guy was waving his arm all night and day!

Fireworks as seen from our hostel, still Chinese new years.

Yeah, it is still a bit backwater here, don't know if this is because girls are afraid of men, or the other way around.

 Since I am a geek, I went to the local planetarium and had a good time amongst the stars.

 View from outside the planetarium

After the planetarium I went to a bird park, where they have all sorts of tropical birds and other types as well.

 Fancy a cake?

 One of the other must do things in KL is the Batu Caves, it's a cave that houses a lot of temples, it's nice to see, but to go there just for that cave alone is not worth it. You also got something called the dark caves which you have to pay to enter, but that makes the trip all worth it. 

Here are some pictures from the dark caves, but yeah, since they are dark, not many pictures where taken.

 Spelunker John!

 Upon my return I went to the Asian food court, and though I ordered some chicken, I had pointed at the wrong picture and got a Korean pizza thingy, tasted ok though!

 Some other random things we saw!

Yeah, this mall had a theme park with a roller coaster inside.

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